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We are hands on professionals who understand that for most clients and their families these are uncharted waters. We help guide them through the rough waters even when the unexpected may arise. With quick response times and thorough follow-up we make sure that appropriate care and services are provided, 24 hours a day. Our integrated team approach means we can work with the most complex situations while maintaining the lines of communication and information between all parties.

Experience in the communities and health care field has provided our team with knowledge of different aspects that one may encounter while working closely with health care providers, hospitals or facilities. The focus is surrounding our clients and families with the resources and knowledge needed to have the highest quality of life. Families seeking care managers describe confusion about health care decisions or creating solutions for complex situations for their loved ones. Our job is to assess the situation and make recommendations based on previous experience, knowledge of availability of services, costs and quality of those services. Care managers can be utilized for long term and short term assistance for clients who are experiencing medical or psychological care needs. Comfort, happiness, security, and safety are important to us because care management is about the whole person.
Our Care Management Process
Here is an overview of the Elysian Senior Service approach to assessing your individual situation and arriving at a plan that will work for you.
Understanding Our Clients
Every person needs to be understood within the context of their environment and personal history. They arrive at their senior years in a way that is uniquely their own. Elysian Senior Service's licensed, clinical professionals conduct an in-depth assessment of each individual's needs, preferences, strengths, support systems and resources in consultation with all concerned parties.
Elysian Senior Services
Our professionals listen - and learn - before they respond with solutions and services. And the input we receive enables us to understand all of the clinical and psychosocial factors that will influence your custom care plan.
Professional Assessments
The findings of the assessment process are shared with all concerned and responsible parties. There is dialogue and discussion to support the process wherever necessary. The Elysian Senior Service assessment process is highly collaborative and consultative.
Assessing Your Choices
The element of choice is central to assessment. We present and review options and recommendations with the intent of enabling clients and all those involved to make educated decisions.
Creating a Plan of Care
When all input and information is collected and reviewed, Elysian Senior Services will present a recommended care plan that is built around the needs and requirements of the primary user and his or her support system. We will provide details for the types of services, the schedule and timing, the frequency, intensity, and cost. This plan will be shared with and approved by all necessary parties involved.
Dealing with Changes
The circumstances surrounding an elderly person's place in their home may change suddenly or gradually. As they do, Elysian Senior Services will be there at any hour of the day or night to provide the level of care and support necessary as well as to recommend appropriate and ongoing changes to your care plan.
Your Feedback is Important
Shared information is the foundation for everything that we do at Elysian Senior Services. We are committed to keeping you informed of our activities and progress, and your feedback shapes how we improve our services and introduce innovations in caring for people at home.
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